Aspire was recently honored in both Vermont and New Hampshire for health and fitness benefits offered to employees.

The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports selected Aspire to receive a 2022 Vermont Governor’s Award for Excellence in Worksite Wellness, which is presented in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health.

Janet Franz, chair of the Vermont Governor’s Council, was quoted in Vermont Business Magazine, “Employers can play a key role in creating a culture of wellbeing where workers, their families, and their communities can live healthy lifestyles, and this ultimately benefits the employer. When people feel good, both inside and outside the workplace, they do quality work.”

In New Hampshire, the Governor’s Council on Physical Activity and Health presented Aspire with an award for Outstanding Achievement. Senior benefits partner Sherry Charland-Gallant accepted the award at a ceremony at the State House on May 20, 2022. She was accompanied by Mari Walsh from the Richards Group, who nominated Aspire for both awards. “Mari always says that we do great work. It’s all the things that we do and how we promote them,” notes Charland-Gallant.

Aspire offers a variety of wellness benefits, and Charland-Gallant supports employees to take full advantage of the programs. She hosted a recent webinar on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that connects employees and members of their households to extensive resources for coping with the many challenges individuals and families face. She promotes the Omada program, which provides personalized supports for eligible employees at risk of diabetes and heart disease. Charland-Gallant also organizes the annual Fitness Challenge and the Mental Health Challenge to engage employees in fun activities to achieve their best health. Last year’s Health Fair and Fitbit Store were part of the effort, too.

“All the hard work that we’ve done getting people involved has such a huge reward when we hear how people are doing. After the fitness challenge, an employee contacted me to say she had lost 25 pounds and was feeling really motivated,” says Charland-Gallant. She wants employees to get ready for the next fitness challenge in July. “We have some great prizes this summer!”


Aspire Living & Learning Honored for Promoting Healthy Workforce