In NH, going to the dentist just got easier for the people supported by Aspire. 

Berlin, VT – Aspire Living & Learning received a $5,000 grant from Northeast Delta Dental Foundation to support dental health initiatives for the people the agency supports in New Hampshire.  

“We are grateful to Northeast Delta Dental Foundation for their partnership to ensure that everyone we support has access to adequate oral healthcare,” said Lou Giramma, Aspire’s CEO. “These funds will be put right to work, ensuring individuals in New Hampshire can access preventative and regular dental care.”  

Approximately 80 percent of the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities whom Aspire supports in New Hampshire rely on Medicaid for their healthcare. Many of these individuals have gone years without proper preventative and ongoing dental care because NH Medicaid doesn’t currently cover routine dental care.  

“Aspire has up to now been working on an as-needed basis to address this issue, as this lack of dental care presents challenges for the population we serve, as it would for any of us,” said Peg Chaffee, Aspire’s Clinical Director. “Even when we are successful at convincing individuals to go to the dentist, the individuals can still become frightened and uncooperative because of their lack of experience with dental care, again, just like it would for any of us.”  

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Aspire Living & Learning Awarded Dental Health Grant