Last year Meghan was keeping close to home and looking for something she enjoyed to fill her time and make some income. A crafter for many years, Meghan had often heard the refrain, “you should sell this.” Meghan took this to heart and began focusing on making earrings. Over time she accumulated a stock of over 1,000 pairs of earrings.

Meghan invested in equipment and materials. Her earrings are made from many different materials: leather, macramé, resin, and embroidery string. She purchased a Cricut cutting machine that can cut patterns, as well as a selfie light and box to photograph her work. She notes, “you have to spend money to make money.”

This winter she launched Meghan’s Jewelry Crafts on Etsy, an online e-commerce marketplace. Meghan does all the work including making the earrings, photographing her work, determining prices, tracking sales, and shipping out orders.

Meghan attended workshops at the Massachusetts Small Business Development Council. “The class was good but the guy came at us with a lot of information for a big business. I was just trying to start basic.” She may go back again when her business is further down the road. Her advice to other would-be business owners looking to sell their products?

“You need to know how to use a computer. Use social media and free sources to sell your stuff.”

Meghan has learned all kinds of new skills that will serve her well, whether she continues in business or gets another job. She’s hoping it all pays off soon in a profitable enterprise, but she’s clear that “you have to be patient.”

For the future, Meghan is exploring selling at craft fairs and local consignment shops. She’ll be expanding her offerings to include a wide variety of crafts, including ornaments and cards.

If you would like to see Meghan’s earrings or do some shopping, click here to visit her shop.


How Meghan Turned Her Crafting Talent into a Business