We’d like to give a shout out to all the educators at Aspire Living & Learning Academy and the School Partnership Program. Every year these professionals are invaluable and effective partners in students’ lives. This year they have risen to the challenge of re-creating the school day repeatedly as we responded to COVID-19 with closures and hybrids of in-person and remote learning. These educators do whatever it takes to make sure that students are having a positive day and getting what they need to progress. It’s never an easy job, but from the newest employee to the most veteran teacher they have kept a positive attitude–and taken care to support each other, too.

As Liz Sellinger, Senior Director of Program Operations puts it:

“If I had to describe this collective group of educators across all of Aspire, I would use one word: grit. Grit is a mix of perseverance and passion. No matter the situation, you will see grit personified in every hallway in every educational setting you walk through at Aspire. These people are the real deal – caring, dedicated, flexible and eminently skilled. I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to advocate, support, and most importantly – learn from these professionals each and every day.”

So we salute Aspire educators. Not just this week, but every week. If you’d like to thank an educator yourself, check out the kudos board at the Aspire Living & Learning Academy where anyone can post a thank you or recognition to a member of the team. We hope these boost your spirits on long days and give you another reason to smile any time you pass by.

And as they say, if you can read this, thank a teacher!


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!