For some, the holidays bring a bright light to our homes that outshines the short days and cold of the coming winter. For others, the holidays are more complicated, because of history, need, or the loss of those we love. How we show up for each other at these times can determine whether we share joy or we hunker down in a protective crouch. I believe Aspire’s commitment to servant leadership can make all the difference.

Each of us leads, regardless of our title or role in the organization. Some of us lead others, but we all lead our own lives and decide how best to do so. To be a servant leader means listening to others and to ourselves. It means having empathy for their experiences and self-awareness of our own responses and challenges. Success comes from service to others, not control of others. A servant leader focuses on the growth and needs of the person served – your colleagues, the people we support. To be a servant leader is to have an important part to play in build community.

It’s my expectation that we individually commit to servant leadership in all we do. That we commit to the growth and development of each other, to showing up for each other, and to holding each other as we travel along our interrelated paths. Ultimately, building our Aspire community together. Integrity in this process is essential to our shared mission.

Our actions match our words. We follow through on our commitments. When we fall short, we admit our mistakes. When we engage in servant leadership with integrity, we can face any challenge knowing that we will respond compassionately and honestly.

As 2022 comes to an end, I want to thank you for sharing yourself with the Aspire community. I hope that the new year brings all good things to you and yours.

All the best,


Servant Leadership Can Make All the Difference