Hello Aspire Community, 

In my two previous musings, I wrote about impact and learning, two of our three strategic plan goals. I would like to offer some thoughts about Aspire’s third strategic goal – Integration.  

I look at the goal of integration in two ways. The first is organizationally. Integration is the process of systematizing various processes across Aspire’s operations. This lends towards consistency, clarity, and unified purpose as we fulfill our mission of serving neurodiverse children and adults who are discovering their passions, unlocking potential, and thriving. When parts come together, they strengthen the whole. Through integration, we will become a stronger, more effective agency in service of those who come to us for help and support and also in service to each other. 

The second way I look at integration is on a personal-professional level. Our goal as members of the Aspire community is to work towards a further integration of ourselves. In the past, I have written in this newsletter about presence, asking questions, open mindedness, learning, differing perspectives, change/evolution, deep listening, person centeredness, and self-awareness. In my opinion, these are all elements of a high-functioning and professional leader. These elements, when integrated, create a whole, empowered, confident person with agency to successfully carry out chosen goals. Like the integrated organization, the integrated individual is more effectively able to serve those who come to Aspire for help and support. 

My expectation for you and me – and for ourselves collectively – is to work towards integrating these aspects into our personal and professional essence. This is not easy. Integration towards a more effective essence is a lifelong journey. The process is continuous and takes a great deal of energy to navigate since a constant awareness of self and environment, and the interaction of the two, is necessary.  

We are all here, though, to help and support each other on this journey. Our relationships and interactions provide fertile ground for us to cultivate all these elements of integration. Through our service to each other, we can also attend to our personal and professional goal of integration. Be vulnerable with one another. Gently hold each other since we are all on the same path. Always remember to come from the place of “what can I learn from you?” and give reverence to the other person’s gifts. 

Integration is the goal that gives Aspire Living & Learning its agency. It gives us the power to serve, and it gives us the power to sustain as an organization. To be a whole, healthy organization, we must continually work towards integration just as to be whole, healthy serving professionals, we must also work towards the same. It certainly is a remarkable journey, and I am pleased knowing that we can share this journey together. 

Enjoy the remaining days of the summer season and thank you for being a valuable part of Aspire Living & Learning.  



Integration: The Power to Serve and Sustain