Hello Everyone –

With all that is happening in the world today – the workforce shortage, COVID-19, political and cultural divisions – Aspire’s organizational values could not be more essential. In spite of all that happens around us, our values remain the same. They serve to guide us into the new year, with new hope and the possibility of a new outlook for 2022.

The embodiment of these values by each member of the Aspire community has not just ensured our survival through difficult times, they have guided us and grounded us to our work. The people we serve continue to live meaningful lives and continue the learning necessary to embrace their potential.

Though we have had both inspiring successes and searing disappointments during this past year, we continue to move forward. We continue to focus on those methods that work and our undying belief in the value of human rights, even as we deal with the constraint the pandemic has imposed on us. I know what extraordinary effort this is requiring from each and every one of us.

We rise to these challenges and we overcome them. This effort takes an enormous amount of energy and, understandably, as a result, we become tired and spent. During these times we need each other’s compassion and partnership, and our shared vision more than ever. My expectation is that in all our interactions, we see and support each other’s well-being as partners in this work. We are all on the same team working towards the same mission.

Our future looks bright as we discover new opportunities and grow our services in ways that are sustainable in the long term. The impact we make on the lives of those we serve will grow and strengthen. Each of us will grow and develop in our own unique, necessary ways as we look to each other for that reciprocal help, support, and nurturance.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Together we will make 2022 an extremely productive, generative, and fulfilling year.

Best regards,

Lou Giramma


Values Keep Us Grounded